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Your body knows the way, let it take you there.

The Body


Experience your
healing capabilities

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This work is intentionally slow.

If you’re here, chances are that you are dealing with some ongoing distress that traditional talk therapy or conventional medicine has not been able to resolve beyond perhaps providing you with some not-super-helpful diagnosis. I’d like to offer you a new way of exploring your challenges and some different ideas about what might be needed to heal. 


Join me in an honest space to meet more of yourself

The miraculous, beautiful and capable as well as the scared, fragmented and overwhelmed

I employ a variety of methods and frameworks in my work with clients including: Somatic Experiencing, Interpersonal Neurobiology, NARM and the Polyvgal Theory - as well as the work of trailblazers like Bill Plotkin, Kathy Kain, Natureza Gabriel Kram, and other pioneers in the fields of healing (repairing what went amiss) and wholing (developing our well-rounded maturity).


The primary goal of therapy is
to learn how to tolerate pleasure

-Alexander Lowen

After enough time of living with a stressed out nervous system our bodies begin to shut out more and more of life, including the very experiences that can help us to regulate and heal. Before trying to feel the intensity of pain and trauma, it's important to learn how to take in the 'good' moments of life, even the teeny-tiny things.

So many of our deepest hurts are relational in nature - much of our deepest healing occurs in relationship. Taking time to explore novel and supportive ways of relating allows for self-defeating patterns to be replaced with healthy boundaries, access to co-regulation, and more vitality.

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"Asa is an incredible human being with a massive heart and so much wisdom about the body. His presence gave me a sense of safety that I had never experienced before with another human being. His softness combined with knowledge made it really easy for me to trust him. I found profound healing through my work with Asa and keep on finding deeper healing with him by my side."

Celeste Gonzalez
Love & Leadership Mentor
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from the inside out

Transform burnout & feel more creative and at ease in your sessions by learning the ins and outs of your unique nervous system

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