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Intense survival energies become stuck in our bodies. You might find yourself:

→ Trying to Love & Light your way through it.

Occasionally yummy but will leave you hollow and ill equipped for the challenges the life inevitably brings.

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→ Trying to feel it all to heal it all.

Exhilarating but puts you on a merry-go-round of catharsis - build up - catharsis.

As with many complex things in life the solutions live in the middle.

Imagine the best of both worlds. Enough charge to find the aliveness that lives in you. Not so much that you de-stabilize.


Here are some of the things that happen in 1 on 1 sessions:

  • Trouble Shooting & Psycho/Soma-Education

  • Growing your Toolbox

  • Healing the Roots

Trouble Shooting & Psycho/Soma-education

Getting the low-hanging fruit to support immediate changes

Learning communication tools for challenging relationships or finding routines routines that can better support you

Learning the basics of how your autonomic nervous system (ANS) works, learning about concepts like titration and resourcing and how to apply these in your life

Growing your Toolbox

  This is the arena of all 'coping skills' and 'nervous system regulation techniques' as well as other practices that you can add to your tool box in 

This level of care is about learning skills and practices that require your volitional engagement and can help patch up shaky foundations

practicing tracking your body/mind when in moments of safety, practice taking in support or care, breathing techniques, orienting practices, etc

Healing the Roots

More 'advanced' work where deeper change can take place. Which requires some foundations to be in place such as:

You have the ability to reliably access body-level safety
We have an established sense of rapport in the relationship
You have the ability to tolerate and explore complexity

This is where the work shifts from voluntary application of tools or techniques towards deeper contact with our involuntary or subconscious selves and the challenging and truly transformative opportunities found therein.

This work meets people in the whatever the present moment holds as opposed to being a rinse-and-repeat blueprint or a '5 step process'. Regardless of the content of the work the following qualities are always encouraged: curiosity, consent & collaboration (you are the expert of what it is like to be you), titration (working in bite-sized pieces).


This is a great option for those who would want to receive more focused support over a short period of time or who are looking to take a deeper dive into specific themes of their personal work. Also great if you are looking to carve out time for rejuvenating or developing your relationship with nature as part of your healing process.


These personalized retreats are tailored to meet your needs and capacities and typically occur in the stunning mountains of southwest Colorado over the course of 2-5 days. They are co-facilitated by myself and my amazing partner Bubs who works as a love, sex and relationship coach. In addition to the type of work mentioned above on this page, we also reach into our broader skill-sets and work with you to design your ideal experience.

This can include everything from massage and guided breath work to exquisite meals and wild foraging, nature connection practice and gorgeous hikes, back-country saunas and cold plunges in mountain streams to soul-crafting practices and art projects.

This is not a cookie-cutter experience but rather a tailored journey unique to your preferences and abilities, woven into a multi-day experience that is fun & nurturing and also in service of supporting you towards your current healing and growth edges.


Please reach out to inquire about pricing and availability.



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from the inside out

Transform burnout & feel more creative and at ease in your sessions with clients by learning the ins and outs of your unique nervous system

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I employ a variety of methods and frameworks in my work with clients including: Somatic Experiencing, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and the Polyvgal Theory - as well as the work of trailblazers like Bill Plotkin, Kathy Kain, Natureza Gabriel Kram, and other pioneers in the fields of healing (repairing what went amiss) and wholing (developing our well-rounded maturity).

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