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trauma healing & nervous system care for

people who are ready to do more than just talk about it

Asa Dean
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner 



find resolution from long-standing patterns of fight, flight, freeze, and fawning



be present to

more of your life

-the good and the bad-

without getting overwhelmed


learn how to stay connected to yourself while also engaging your people

So many of our deepest hurts are relational in nature - much of our deepest healing occurs in relationship.

Taking time to explore novel and supportive ways of relating allows for self-defeating patterns to be replaced with healthy boundaries, access to co-regulation, and more vitality.


After enough time of living with a stressed out nervous system our bodies begin to shut out more and more of life, including the very experiences that can help us to regulate and heal.


Before trying to feel the intensity of pain and trauma, it's important to learn how to take in the 'good' moments of life, even the teeny-tiny things.

'Love & Light'

'Feel it to Heal it'

Many models of healing either prioritize focusing on the 'good' or quickly facing all of the 'bad'.

While both of these have their place, alone they are not enough and can often create stagnation or more overwhelm.

Going at 'the pace of your nervous system' is a skill that can be learned

and leads to more satisfying and lasting change.

By valuing both the softer qualities of compassion and curiosity

as well as more decisive ones like discernment and healthy aggression

we develop a more full humanity that can successfully navigate more of life.

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Many of my clients report:

More presence

Greater self compassion

Increased sense of personal power

More access to creativity and pleasure

More ease in setting healthy boundaries

Finally making sense of long-standing challenges

Reconnecting with lost parts of themselves

Greater access to their needs and wants

Less pain and overwhelm

Better sleep


What People Are Saying

"Asa is an incredible human being with a massive heart and so much wisdom about the body. His presence gave me a sense of safety that I had never experienced before with another human being. His softness combined with knowledge made it really easy for me to trust him. I found profound healing through my work with Asa and keep on finding deeper healing with him by my side."

- Celeste González

Love & Leadership Mentor -

"Asa created a nourishing and flexible container which felt safe to experience and experiment with some of the many parts of my psyche. When exploring these parts, they would be welcomed by Asa and met with a brilliant balance of inquisitive uninhibited play and rooted grounded awareness. Having my vulnerability witnessed and held with such patience and grace has been extremely helpful in the rewiring of my nervous system. I would confidently recommend this creative healing experience to anyone. I feel immense gratitude for the gifts and teachings I have received in these sessions."

- Stephanie Thomas

"Asa is a healer of great integrity. In his own way, he creates a space that is infused with a stabilizing force of compassion, attunement, and safety that naturally invites one into their journey of healing. His experience is apparent in the expression of his intuitive insight, adaptability, skillful touch and professional manner. Asa provided me with resources, tools, and guidance to feel empowered and engaged in the direct experience of my body and tapping into the wisdom it holds."

- Dariya Quenneville

Founder of Finding Polaris -

"I have experienced Asa to be as adventurous as he is compassionate, as fun-loving as he is reverent, and as hilarious as he is wise and thoughtful.  I have vast amounts of respect and admiration for the ways Asa is both dignified and humble in exchanging real time, relational feedback. He is someone with whom I can trust my deepest secrets and share my deepest fears. He is someone in whose boldness I can trust in difficult conversations and whose softness I would trust caring for my children."

- Michael Polon

My belief is in the blood and flesh as being wiser than the intellect.


-D.H. Lawrence

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Meet Asa

One of my greatest joys is helping people transform experiences of suffering into those of possibility and belonging. Getting to witness the vulnerability, magic, and even humor that occurs along the way is the icing on the cake.

My own life began as I was born at home in Atlanta, Georgia. Within two weeks I was admitted to the hospital for an emergency heart surgery, which apparently was a success!  My life has included addiction, close encounters with death at early ages, and the shame and confusion of growing up in a family and culture that represses, over- and under-sexualizes bodies, and otherwise attempts to cut us off from our selves.

I have found teachers in mountains and oceans, in meditation halls and plants, and in exceptional psychotherapists, bodyworkers and clients. I graduated from the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork in 2015 where I later returned to teach. I have also completed Dr. Peter Levine's  3-year Somatic Experiencing training, a psycho-biological methodology for resolving the effects of accumulated stress and trauma. I practice massage therapy, wilderness therapy and facilitate rights of passage. I incorporate elements of all of these as well as other somatic methodologies into my work with clients.

I live in Durango, Colorado where I like to play in the snow and sun. Be in touch for a free consultation to see if we may be a good match for working together.



Want support with your journey of trauma healing or to learn more about Somatic Experiencing?


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